Sophie Electric

User Feedback for S.E.T. Princess™ 300B Carbon Plate Tubes - from Terrence, Arizona (May 2009)

I had my initial impressions of the Carbons; but wanted to wait until sufficient break in to post my overall opinion of the tubes. Let me first of all say that my reaction upon installing the tubes right out of the box was positive. I felt like any coldness left in my system was being dealt a death-blow.

The lushness was a little to the extreme in the lower end; but I knew from experience not to worry. Things would change dramatically over time. Within ten listening hours I was impressed. The things that drew me to this hobby years ago were there in spades. There was still some smearing in the complex sections of the music; but the simpler passages had so much of the stuff I'm addicted to, that I listened through the yet-to-be-settled in areas to the lush, and yet focused magical midrange, in blissful anticipation of things to come. My uber-neutral Coincident system was eating these tubes up!

I've got about fifty hours on them now, and think I have a handle on the overall presentation these tubes afford. My initial optimism has been validated in spades. I'm able to peer deeply into the sound stage.

And the bass? Lush and inviting, and not the least bit woolly!

To summarize, I couldn't be happier with my tube choice.

On a separate note, thank you so much for the upgrade to the shipping! It did not go unnoticed, and was a pleasant surprise in this day and age.

Best wishes,

Terrence Rodgers
Phoenix, AZ