Sophie Electric

User Feedback for S.E.T. Princess™ 300B Carbon Plate Tubes - from Chung, New York (January 2009)

Hi Richard,

I recently switched replaced a pair of Western Electric 300B tubes with the Sophia Princess Carbon Plate 300B's. I was rather skeptical because I thought the WE's sounded pretty magical in my Cary 300B SEI amp. But I have to say that the carbon plates are superior in almost every way. I put on a Brahms solo piano cd and the first thing I noticed was the extension in every direction. There is much more separation between voices and instruments. In complex, louder passages, I now hear music, energy and direction, whereas before I heard congested loud banging. There is much more musical extraction and nuance. And as magical as the WE midrange is, I prefer the carbon plate's midrange which I find less colored, more peaceful, and more revealing. The piano tone is much gentler and there is a sense of expansion. The soundstage is less in your face and the sound flows freely into my living room. And I've only had them in about a week!

Junah Chung