Sophie Electric

User Feedback for Sophia Electric™ 300B Mesh Plate Tubes - By Frank Goldfarb (2002)

Hello Richard. It was nice talking to you today. Again I would like to apologize for not getting back in touch with you sooner. I've been a bit slow in returning e-mails. I've been listening to so much more music lately and that is in large part because of the addition of your 300Bs to my system. Although the 300B is a driver tube in my Merlot amps, the sonic imprint it made in my system was remarkable. My experience has been that it is difficult to increase transparency in a great sounding stereo system without effecting tonal balance. Systems that can become more transparent usually get brighter as a result. It may be that they seem more transparent but in reality are just brighter sounding. Well the Sophia 300Bs do increase transparency and spread out the soundstage while retaining tremendous focus, but they do this while enhancing tonal balance. This is no mean feat. These tubes are truly great sounding products and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I will look forward to trying the 2.5V version in my 45 amps when they arrive. At this time I will also be able to try your 274B which promises to be a great product as well. Congratulations on offering great sounding obviously well built products.

Best regards,

Frank Goldfarb
AFIG Consulting Inc.