Sophie Electric

User Feedback for Sophia Electric™ 300B Mesh Plate Tubes - By Ray from Pennsylvania (2004)


I have finally had a chance to install the pair of mesh plate 300b. Right out of the box I knew these were going to be good. Their sonic signature was immediate. By force of habit though, I allowed the amp to burn them in over night.

WOW........ What a beautiful difference! The sound stage opened up both wide and deep, to the point that I literally had to reposition my speakers. Throughout the sound stage I was unable to detect any sense of congestion. Great placement. Which I might ad is very critical with the Doo Wop music I listen to. Vocals really shine with this tube. Multiple voices are presented naturally and individually. The subtle textures are all present. I think to beat them in the midrange it would have to be live. What ambiance!

My opinion is they are a very well balanced tube at a reasonable cost. Definitely a bargain & yes, I would recommend them to anyone.

I admit after being into highend audio for around twenty-five or so years that I've gotten tired of all the hype. (God knows there's plenty) It is certainly a breath of fresh air to find a product that claims to make music (as they all do) actually do it!

Thank you,