Sophie Electric

User Feedback for Sophia Electric™ 300B Mesh Plate Tubes - By Mr. Erik Ekelund, Australia (2003)

Dear Sue

I have received my order for two mesh plate 300B tubes, thank you for the prompt service.

The sound quality is a revelation over all the previous 300Bs I’ve used (Chinese, Western Electric, Svetlana). Simply AMAZING in every aspect. Even before being fully run-in they offer sound with even more openness and truth than the Western Electric 300Bs! Very hard for me to believe as I love the old WEs.

Over the last 120hours of use they have become superbly refined and virtually eliminate the shortcomings that all traditional Western Electric 300Bs have. There is beautiful top-end treble sparkle and shimmer when needed. No longer slightly rounded off and dulled as before, yet is still smooth and silky. The somewhat and forward upper mids of standard 300B has been alleviated, it ‘breathes’ with life now and never sounds thick or forced yet always smooth too. The midbass, always warm and prominent in the 300B has become more articulate and less bloated. There is more real deep bass extension and definition from around 40Hz down also.

Highly recommended!


Erik Ekelund