Sophie Electric

User feedback for Sophia Electric™ Princess 274B Tube - By Mr. Danhoj, France (December 2008)

Dear Sophia Electric,

I received your Princess 274b tube this morning and I took it out of the box and put it in my 300B single ended amplifier. It was just like having a new AMP. I was sitting in my sofa for one hour listening to Charlie Haden and I was not able to move. The sound was so soft warm and sexy with lots of dynamics headroom bass and Highs with a lot of details. And this evening I have put on Shirley Horn on the program and again so warm soft and sexy with so many details that I have never heard before.

I have been using TJ full music 274b for 5 months now and I thought it was the same TUBE? The Princess looks like the TJ 274b tube but the sound is 10 times better!!!!!

With the Princess 274b tube and two TJ 300b tubes I already have, they sound incredible good.

So now I know what I want for Christmas evening 2 Princess 300B and then it will be like having Christmas all the year long.

Thanks a lot.

Christian Danhoj
Dijon France