Sophie Electric

Review for Sophia Electric™ 274B Tube - By Mr. Gabbard, Tennessee (2002)

The tube made a dramatic difference in my system. The sound stage is more open and much deeper. There seems to be more detail in the music, as if there are more layers to the sound. Transients are much faster and crisper. It is diffidently worth every cent.

My system:

Pre-amp: Wavelenght Sine 2 with Mulard 6900 tubes

Amp: Wavelenght Duetto II

Transport: Krell CD-DSP II

DAC: Perpetual Technologies, with time alignment engine

Speakers: Reference 3a Royal Master Controls

Sub: REL Strata III

Line Conditioner: PS300 with PS Lab power cable

Power Cable: Granite Audio

All gold interconnect and silver speaker cable