Sophie Electric

About Sophia Electric
Company History:
The company started with two small boutiques U.S. east coast custom amplifier makers. In 2001, Richard Wugang family brought in much needed capital, marketing expertise and industrial capability to the company. Richard Wugang, a former banker, audiophile and vintage classic amplifier collector, took the lead for the new company and recruited a few top US designers and engineers and expanded product lines into amplifiers, vacuum tubes, speakers and audiophile grade capacitors.

Today Sophia Electric is a major player in the US audiophile market and also has clients in many European/Asian countries. We are looking forward to adding dealers and distributors worldwide to expand our markets to the next new level.

Sophia Electric designers:
Sophia Electric tube amplifiers are designed by Richard Wugang and his father Dr. DWU and hand made by Richard Wugang family and company in the U.S. An entry level line of amplifiers bear a trademark of S.E.T. (Sophia Electric Technology) will be made by SET Ltd of China founded by Dr. DWU.

Dr.DWU, electrical engineer and mechanical engineer, collector of vintage radio, audio tubes and tube amplifiers, designed most of the Sophia Electric amplifiers alone with Richard Wugang and Anne W.J. Dr. DWU is a co-founder of S.E.T. Ltd of China.

X.HE, electrical engineer, former top technical engineer for MCI Worldcom, is a Sophia Electric top designer and manager.

Anne W.J., a former German Simens manager, is a Sophia Electric designer and manager.

And a few designers/engineers do not wish to print names here. Sophia Electric is a research oriented company. We even make our own transformers.