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Sophia Electric™ Blue Glass 6SN7 Input/Driver Valves

This new blue glass 6SN7 has rich tonality and big sound stage. Designed to compliment to Aqua 274B and Classic 300B tubes, the new 6SN7 is a great choice to replace vintage 6SN7 tubes in all tube pre-amplifiers and tube amplifiers.

Note: The original 6SN7 has been discontinued.

6SN7, like all dual triode tube, has two sections. To match the two sections closely enough is hard enough; matching two tubes--four sections--would be much harder if high standard of matching method is applied.

Note: Some internet vendors would only test one section of the tube due to the limitation of their vintage tube tester (like popular TV-7). So those claimed to be matched may be matched by one section only, with assumption that the two sections would be identical. However, that assumption is false one.

Buy Sophia Electric 6SN7 tubes with the best grade you can afford because it will provide years of enjoyment. Why settle for less? The hidden truth behind cheap prices is:
We cherry pick the best tubes from the production for the US market. Our US-based engineers further test these selected tubes and classified them into 3 grades:

Grade A (top 10%)
Grade B (top 25%)
Grade C

6SN7 Specification is identical to GE 6SN7 and RCA 5692
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Grade A per unit with 1 year warranty.

Grade A per unit with 30 days warranty.

Grade B per unit with 1 year warranty.

Grade B per unit with 30 days warranty.

Grade C per unit with 1 year warranty.

Grade C per unit with 30 days warranty.

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