Sophie Electric

New Sophia Electric™ Classic 300B

New Sophia Electric™ Classic 300B Tubes
with Vintage WE 300B Soul Inside and Out

A real WE 300B replica for the sound and for the looks!

These Sophia Electric new Classic 300B tubes are for those people looking for vintage WE 300B mid-range sound. The WE myth represents a demand in the market place. Sophia Electric introduced Princess Carbon plate 300B which has very magical midrange, but there are still a small percentage of people wanting to have WE like metal plate. Now Sophia Electric answers this call with the real WE metal plate replica, the identical plate structure and the identical glass shape. The only difference Sophia Electric has made is to add a blue glass to be unique. This new Sophia Electric Classic 300B tube sounded just like vintage 1950s WE 300B. It has WE 300B soul inside and out.

Considering the vintage 1950s WE 300B is selling for in $5000 range for a pair. The new Sophia Electric classis 300B with blue glass is truly a bargain with superior sound. The retail price is $1000 per pair with one year warranty. We offer you an introductory special price, see below for detail.

  • Nominal operating conditions and parameters:
  • Filament voltage

    5,0 V *

  • Nominal filament current

    1,2 A

  • Plate voltage

    300 V

  • Grid voltage (AC filament)

    61 V **

  • Grid voltage (DC filament)

    58 V ***

  • Plate current (AC filament)

    60 mA

  • Plate current (DC filament)

    62,5 mA

  • Grid to plate transconductance

    5700 Ω

  • Amplification factor


  • Grid current

    0.05 µA

  • Plate resistance

    700 Ω

  • Limiting Operation conditions for safe operation-nor simultaneous ratings:
  • Maximum plate voltage

    450 V

  • Maximum plate dissipation

    40 W

  • Maximum plate current of average tube for fixed grid bias

    70 mA

  • Maximum plate current for manually adjusted grid or self-biasing circuit

    100 mA

* - AC filament supply or DC filament supply.
** - AC filament supply is used. The grid and plate returns should be connected to a center tap on the secondary of the filament transformer.
*** - DC filament supply is used. The grid and platter returns are connected to the negative end of the filament.


Opcja 1: Para Grade "A" z roczną gwarancją.

5 150 zł
Opcja 2: Para Grade "A" z 30-o dniową gwarancją.

4 650 zł
Opcja 3: Para Grade "B" z roczną gwarancją.

4 150 zł
Opcja 4: Para Grade "B" z 30-o dniową gwarancją.

3 650 zł
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